Created in 2011, Mediation Riviera combines complementary skills and work experience of two independent mediators recognized by the FSM (Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations)

Schahla Lilla (lawyer) and Marion de Lattre-Wiesel (architect) fulfilled a mediator training recognised on federal level and are acknowledged by the courts (liste of approved civil mediators). Both of them belong to the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (CSMC).

They work individually or together (co-mediation) as part of Mediation Riviera and offer mediation in French and bilingual French-German (S. Lilla) and French / English (M. de Lattre-Wiesel).

Schahla Lilla

Au bénéfice d'une licence en droit (Master of Law) obtenue en 1987 à la Faculté de droit de l'Université de Lausanne, j'ai travaillé comme juriste pendant 25 ans. Forte de cette expérience, j'ai réfléchi à la question d'une résolution différente des conflits et ai décidé de suivre la formation approfondie à la médiation délivrée par le Groupement Pro Médiation à Genève. Ces études se sont achevées par l'obtention d'un diplôme en médiation, prévention et gestion des conflits, reconnu par la Fédération Suisse des Associations de Médiation. 

Depuis lors, je travaille comme médiatrice FSM indépendante au sein du bureau Médiation Riviera, comme médiatrice en milieu scolaire et poursuis parallèlement mon activité de juriste. Me contacter personnellement ›

Marion de Lattre-Wiesel

Practicing architecture for over 35 years in many different structures and in several cantons, I have regularly measured how useful and satisfying it is finding collaborative solutions to conflicts of any kind. The accumulated experience and the whish to professionalize my skills as a facilitator in the prevention and resolution of conflicts led me to follow the extensive training in mediation provided by the Groupe Pro Mediation (GPM) from Geneva, following this learning I obtained my diploma as mediator.

I am affiliated to the Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations (FSM) and to the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (CSMC); as well am I accredited by the cantonal Court of canton Vaud (Tribunal cantonal vaudois).

I practice as an independent mediator FSM-CSMC within the Mediation Riviera office, while keeping my my expertise and consultancy activities as architect dipl. EPFL-SIA.

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