Building a Solution Together...

In a society in which law and conflicts are increasingly present, the resort to the courts has long established itself as the standard. More than two millennia after Plato praised them in his Laws, we are rediscovering the merits of mediations.

To cope with the increasing number of trials that have been held over the last few years, alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) are gradually developing. Already firmly rooted in the English-speaking countries, mediations play a prominent part in the settlement and resolution of all kinds of conflicts.

The basic principles of any mediation are:

  • An alternative process for resolving conflicts of all kinds.
  • Free and voluntary approach with the help of a professional neutral mediator.
  • Search for fair solutions, realistic and acceptable to all concerned.

In which Fields and Conflicts can Mediation help You?

  • Vicinity and Property, Real Estate Management, Construction.

In people’s everyday life, mediations are likely to stop any rise of animosity in the relationships that can poison life. The restoration of communication or the awareness of the difficulties experienced by the parties entices them to make an effort in order to try to reach a tolerant coexistence. When problems among neighbours occur, mediation can offer a neutral opportunity for some discussion that favours communication between the parties.

  • Family: Couple, Conflicts between Generations, Inheritance.

Family mediations relate to all kinds of conflicts linked to family relations its broadest sense (husband and wife, children, brothers and sisters, grandparents, heirs).

In the context of disputes arising within the couple (separation, divorce) mediation lets foremost to restore communication between spouses so that they agree on the future of their families, safeguarding the interests of children, personal interests and financial interests.

In the context of succession and matrimonial property settlement, mediation creates a space for dialogue leading to the expression of feelings and creating new links to achieve a distribution or sharing acceptable to all.

  • Professional and Business Activities.

The importance of mediation in business is that it promotes good relationships and optimum working conditions which participate in the successful development of the company.

Concerning commercial disputes, mediation allows the parties to find solutions taking into account various aspects of their relationships (trading, financial, economic, legal, personnel), while preserving them. 

  • Penal Cases.

Penal mediation is intended to recognize the emotional and physical damage suffered by the victim, to raise awareness to the perpetrator of the scope of the act he has committed, putting an end to disorder resulting of the offense and to find solutions to repair the damage.

  • Training and Education.

In the field of training and education, mediation provides tools for the prevention of risk behaviors and for the social peace education; it develops the human qualities of communication, psychology, intuition, self-control, empathy.