Useful Information

Running of a Mediation

In principle, the mediation process is carried out following four steps:

  • First contact in order to hold a mediation: usually a phone conversation between the mediator and the person concerned. This step allows you to define:
    • the purpose of the conflict;
    • the appropriateness of mediation;
    • the persons involved;
    • the steps to undertaken a view to a possible mediation (making contact with all parties).
  • Interviews (about 1 hour): an interview with each person involved in the conflict. These interviews intend to clarify:
    • the nature of the conflict;
    • the people who participate in mediation;
    • any deadlines to be taken into account;
    • the course of the mediation and its framework conditions;
    • the steps to undertake in order to hold the first plenary session.
  • Mediation session (approximately 2 hours / session): meeting with all parties involved in the conflict (one or more sessions). The process includes the following:
    •  reminder of the basic rules of mediation (voluntary participation, respect, confidentiality, neutrality of the mediator), possible commitment to mediation signed by all parties;
    • presentation of the conflict by all those present;
    • work on elements of agreement and disagreement;
    • research and discussion of possible solutions;
    • development of a specific agreement and possible document signed. If the parties wish, the agreement may be ratified by a judge, giving to it the value of a judgment.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of various points of the mediation agreement: optional step, it allows to verify the correct implementation of the agreements or to adapt them to the context, if necessary.