Conflicts belong to Mankind...

They are a natural part of social behaviours and they don’t always have a negative impact.

The third party intervention in disputes of all kinds has long been practiced in the form of arbitration, conciliation or negotiation. Mediation is characterized by the values ​​of neutrality, impartiality and independence which are the motto of professional mediators.

Fields where Mediation can help You:

Vicinity, property, real estate management, construction.

Family: couple, coflicts between generations, inheritance.

Professional and business activities. 

And, in general, whenever you want to participate in the construction of a joint solution...


Mediation to solve a Conflict amicably...

Mediations clearly differ from the imposed model represented by a court decision that the parties are obliged to accept.

Their purpose is to solve the problems by enabling the parties to jointly work on a solution that is acceptable for all.